Point Cloud Library Tutorials

Last year I gave a guest lecture in a course on vision and robotics that was a brief tutorial on some of the basic functionality and usage for the Point Cloud Library. I collected and adapted some sample code from the PCL tutorials documentation as well as some PCL workshops that I attended a few years ago. I packaged everything into one repository so that there was a comprehensive introduction with a codebase that the students in the class could work from in playing around with in getting familiar with the functionality of the library.

I received a few inquiries from people across the internet who had found the slides I used and were interested in the code samples, so I decided to post them here so that they are available for anyone who is interested. The slides for the guest lecture can be found here:


and they contain a condensed and streamlined overview of PCL’s basic syntax and functionality. The code sample repository can be cloned from my bitbucket:
git clone https://jdelmerico@bitbucket.org/jdelmerico/pcl_tutorials.git I should emphasize that my contribution here is in collecting and streamlining the code samples into a library-level tutorial, but all of the programs were adapted from existing public tutorials on particular topics.

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