NOAA Research Cruise Wrap-up

Despite my intentions to keep the updates coming, I came down with a cold in the second week that knocked me out pretty well, and was no fun at all to have at sea.  Once I recovered enough to work again, I didn’t have a lot of free time for blogging, so this fell by the wayside.  However, here are some highlights from the rest of the cruise.

There are also some great videos on the Okeanos Explorer site that were put together by the excellent videography group on the cruise. In particular, check out the Leg 2 Highlights and the Dive 15 Recap (where we encountered a Greenland Shark at depth).

Overall, this was a really unique experience for me, both on a professional level as a scientist/engineer, and on a personal level.  I am very much in debt to Brian Bingham for arranging for me to sail on this cruise, the NOAA crew for providing the support that makes this type of research possible, and to the science and ROV teams for teaching me everything I know about ocean science.

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